Alice Seeger

Weaver, Spinner, Teaching Artist

Alice fell in love with weaving in 1975 when a Bicentennial exhibit floated down the Hudson River on an old barge. The huge, old barn loom on display seemed to grab her heart and say, “THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!” Alice found second-hand floor loom, learned to warp it with the Better Homes and Gardens Craft Book, then proceeded to weave a very ugly, scratchy, wool scarf. She soon found a weaving teacher, Ramonde Bostwick, at Bard College, then started work as a production weaver for Martha Zimiles, a Haute Couture designer, (a job she kept at for 18 years). Alice received Art and design instruction at Bennett College, Millbrook, NY. and continued pursuing further studies in Weave Structure with Peg Osterkamp, Color theory with Nell Znamerowski, Dyeing and Spinning with Rita Buchannan, Natural Dying with Palmy Weigle, Comprehensive Handspinning with Celia Quinn. For many years Alice operated Woodland Ridge Spinning and Weaving, teaching workshops and offering equipment, books and supplies for sale. She became a Teaching Artist presenting historical weaving workshops to elementary schools throughout New York and Connecticut. and later founded a 501(c)3 Hands On History Inc. researching, developing, and presenting long-term Arts-in-Education residencies. “Threads of Civilization” enabled Alice to travel for to research in places where weaving is still an active part of indigenous people’s daily life. She spent some time living in a hogan on the Navajo reservation, and climbing mountains in Peru to meet Andean women weaving on Backstrap looms. Alice and her husband Nick love to sail. One summer they were able to spend enough time aboard TakiTaki to sail down the Hudson River and up the coast to Penobscot Bay, where the salt air and fog, the granite and spruce grabbed her heart and said, “THIS IS WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LIVE!” Alice now lives in Belfast, Maine and has been an instructor at Fiber College, on and off over the years, since 2008.

207 323-5248