Exploring Color in Weaving

with Alice Seeger

August 9 - 11

9am- 5pm



This 3 day mini Weaving Retreat will help you become more comfortable working with color in weaving. Students in this retreat should be somewhat familiar with warping a loom, or have taken Weaving on a 4 Harness Loom


You will learn how to use color “recipes” through various exercises, during our excursions around Belfast Harbor. You will then choose colors and weave  a “color gamp” in which 12 blocks of warp colors are woven with the same dozen weft colors to demonstrate weave and color effect. Each participant will set up their loom in their unique colors with a different weave pattern. Everyone will get to weave on each loom which will result in a collection of fabrics that could become a colorful set of cotton napkins! There will be lots of Supported Studio Time to get your loom warped then weave off your projects.


Some lessons may take place outdoors (weather permitting) and we will take breaks for yoga stretching, walks, and even a cruise around the harbor. Yummy snacks will be available to keep up your strength. 


Exploring Color in Weaving