Handspun Plying & Finishing Workshop

with Alice Seeger

Saturday, August 21, 10am - noon

Once you have spun up a few bobbins of yarn on the wheel, it's time to ply them to create a thicker, well balanced yarn.


This workshop will teach you to determine how much twist you'll need for your singles, and how to achieve consistency throughout the skein. You will learn Navajo 3 ply or creating a 3 ply yarn from one bobbin, which is a great method for plying painted or variegated rolls to keep the colors separate instead of making a striped look to your yarn.


We will also cover how to wind skeins ready for washing or dyeing, and how to set the twist.

Bring 3 bobbins of spun yarn and your own wheel, or use one of ours.

$40 bring your own bobbins

Handspun Plying & Finishing Workshop