Spinning Wheel Rentals




Belfast Fiberarts offers rentals and sales of Ashford, and Schacht Spinning Wheels and Tools for fiber prep, including drum carders.

Your rental experience begins with a $35 lesson, and setup fee

Then 10% of the retail value of the wheel, or carder, per month. 

  • Upon wheel pick up, we will make a copy of your ID 

  • The monthly rental of each spinning wheel begins with the day of pick-up. 

  • Your credit card will be charged each month until the wheel is returned. 

  • If you choose to buy a wheel, or drum carder, the rental amount you have paid (less5%) will be applied toward the purchase.

  • If your credit card fails to process, we will notify you to provide a different payment method, or you will have to return the wheel. If no method is provided, and no response from rentee, the wheel will be considered stolen property. 

  • You are responsible for returning the equipment in good order.

  • Your card will be charged for any missing or damaged parts upon return.